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Illustration for the band "Dogs of Peace" new CD-mixed media on canvas-$-Acrylic on board-$illustration-acrylic on canvas-$illustration-Acrylic-$-Mixed media -$-Acrylic on illustration-$-mixed media-$-Digital-$-mixed media on canvas-$-Digital-$-Acrylic-$illustration-Acrylic-$-Acrylic-$-acrylic-$-digital-$-acrylic-$-acrylic-$-mixed media-$-digital-$-acrylic-$-Acrylic on illustration board-$-Mixed  media-$-mixed media on paper-$-Acrylic on board-$-acrylic on board-$-Mixed media on board-$-Mixed media-$-acrylic on board-$-Ink and paper-$-Mixed media-$Christmas card-Mixed media-$-mixed media-$-Mixed media-$-Mixed media-$--$Pen and Ink Illustration-digital-$-acrylic on board-$