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36" x 36"-mixed media on canvas-$48" x 36"-Mixed media on cpaper-$40" x 30'-mixed media  on canvas-$40" x 64"-Acrylic, pastel and ink on paper-$30" x 40'-mixed media on canvas-$SOLD9" x 12"-Acrylic on canvas-$24" x 24"-mixed media on canvas-$SOLD9" x 12"-mixed media on canvas-$16" x 20"-mixed media on paper-$16' x 20"-mixed media on paper-$60" x 36"-Mixed media on canvas-$SOLD16" x 20"-mixed media on paper-$SOLD36" x 48"-mixed mediaper-$SOLD24" x 30"-Acrylic on canvas-$SOLD30" x 30"-Mixed media on canvas-$36" x 48"-Mixed media on canvas-$12" x 12"-Mixed media on canvas-$SOLD24" x 30"-mixed media on canvas-$24" x 30"-mixed media on canvas-$36" x 48"-mixed media on canvas-$40" x 40"-mixed media on board for Yale University Children's Hospital-$Yale University Children's Hospital40" x40"-mixed media on board for Yale University Childrens Hospital-$40" x 40"-mixed media on board for Yale University Children's Hospital-$36" x 48"-mixed media on canvas-$36" x 36"-mixed media on canvas-$30" x 40"-Mixed media on canvas-$24" x 24"-m/m on canvas-$19" x 19"-m/m on paper-$